4 players who could be cut and become Chargers free agency targets

Jason Reed
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Jamaal Williams, Grady Jarrett
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3. Grady Jarrett

The LA Chargers' biggest defensive hole heading into the offseason is the run defense and there are plenty of ways that the team can solve the issue. There are several free agents (some with connections to Brandon Staley) who could help the Chargers defend the run upfront. There is also the possibility of the team drafting Jordan Davis in the first round, or another run-stuffer later in the draft.

There are also cut candidates and Grady Jarrett is among them. The Chargers seem poised to completely reinvent the defensive line and it would not be surprising if it is almost an entirely new group in 2022. If so, Jarrett could be one of the new additions.

Jarrett has a $23.8 million cap hit this season and if he is cut the Falcons would save $16.5 million against the cap. As it currently stands, the Falcons are $6.6 million over the projected 2022 cap. While that is not as unmanageable as other teams, $23.8 million is a lot to pay a defensive tackle.

Jarrett's best trait has been his run defense, however, he is not the typical interior defensive lineman who can only reset the line of scrimmage. He is good at getting pressure on the quarterback as well (hence why he got paid so much) and would give the Chargers a true dual-threat inside.

Jarrett obviously is not in his prime and last year was a down year for him. That being said, he had very little talent around him and still put up numbers that were similar to Linval Joseph. That is the floor for Jarrett and the ceiling is much higher.

He should not come at a huge price and quite frankly, it would be good business if the Chargers replaced Joseph's contract directly with Jarrett.