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4 players who could be cut and become Chargers free agency targets

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The LA Chargers have a lot of money to spend in free agency and are going to have even more money when they eventually cut Bryan Bulaga. While the Bolts have the money to make a splashy move or two, those are not the moves that round out a complete offseason.

Instead, it is the savvy moves in which a team brings in an impact player at a reasonable cost compared to what he is offering on the field. Think the Patriots signing Adrian Phillips for only $3 million a few offseasons ago (it still hurts, okay?).

Some of the best savvy signings that a team can make are on players who were recently cut by their former employer. Several teams are in need of salary-cap relief and are going to make cuts to make the salary cap work. It is something that happens every season in the NFL.

So which players should the LA Chargers hope get cut before free agency?

To be a realistic candidate, it has to be a player that still has something to offer to a team but is on a team that is dealing with salary-cap issues. Said player also has to have a big salary that can be shed by being cut before June 1.

The Chargers should not be hoping for the Bulaga-types of the process. There are going to be plenty of players like that who simply get cut because they are overpaid. We are looking for players who could actually make a difference on the Chargers.

Let's dive into them, shall we?