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5 free agents with connections to Brandon Staley the Chargers could pursue

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Von Miller
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5. Von Miller

Do I personally want to see the LA Chargers sign Von Miller this offseason? No, I do not. Will the LA Chargers have conversations about potentially signing Miller this offseason? 100%. That does not mean that the Bolts will make that move and Tom Telesco may ultimately decide its not for the best, but if Brandon Staley has a lot of pull, it would not be the most shocking thing in the world if Miller stays in LA with the Chargers.

Miller is actually playing really well in the playoffs right now for the Rams and that might be more of a reason for the Chargers to be interested in him. The problem with Miller is that he is getting up there in age but he is still going to get a decent-sized contract. Heck, PFF projects him to get $35 million over two years.

That is just too much to spend on a guy who is going to regress and doesn't fix the team's biggest need. But, since it is a short-term deal and Miller has that connection with Staley, the team could easily talk itself into signing Miller to rush the quarterback opposite of Joey Bosa.

The logic would be that the team would not be paying Uchenna Nwosu so that is one less player they would have to worry about signing. Miller certainly fits the defensive identity of this team and knows exactly what Staley is trying to accomplish and he probably would be better than Nwosu overall. Would he be so much better that he warrants getting paid this much? Probably not.

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Is this the smartest move the LA Chargers could make? No. Is it a possibility? Absolutely. Tom Telesco hasn't always made the smartest moves, so it cannot be ruled out.