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5 free agents with connections to Brandon Staley the Chargers could pursue

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Akiem Hicks
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3. Akiem Hicks

Akiem Hicks is someone who Charger fans have been talking a lot about and out of anyone on this list, he might be the most likely to become a Charger in 2022. Hicks spent time with Staley when he was with the Chicago Bears and encapsulates exactly what the Bolts need right now.

The Chargers need to re-do the interior defensive line and while Justin Jones should be brought back, the team still needs to get help. The absolute best-case scenario would be getting both Joseph-Day and Hicks but there is zero chance that the Chargers pay that much for two defensive linemen.

Because he is older, Hicks' market value will not be as high and that might tempt the Chargers to go in his direction instead of Joseph-Day. However, that does run the risk of him regressing with the Chargers paying for past production, which we have seen before with recent free agents.

At the end of the day, though, Hicks is a quality defensive lineman to put in a 3-4 defense and help not only stop the run but get pressure on the quarterback as well. The team would still need to draft a traditional nose tackle but if they did they would be absolutely set.

I don't think the Chargers are going to draft Jordan Davis in the first round, but if they did the run defense problems would instantly be fixed. The team would have the trio of Jones, Davis and Hicks to stop the run with Jerry Tillery relieving Davis on pass-rushing downs.