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4 potential Andre Roberts replacements for the LA Chargers

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Marcus Jones, Jadon Thompson
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4. Marcus Jones

Marcus Jones is not a receiver so he would not add an offensive impact to the LA Chargers. He is actually a cornerback who was one of the best (if not the best) returners in college football last season. The five-foot-eight corner from Houston projects to be a slot corner at the next level and played his best football in man coverage.

He is someone who the Chargers might have to take in the third round (hopefully he falls to the fourth) and the team could talk itself into him depending on what happens earlier in the draft. The Chargers need secondary depth and Jones would help add to the slot corner depth, even if he is a bit raw as a prospect.

His impact on the return game would be massive, though. Jones finished his four-year collegiate career with nine combined punt and kickoff touchdowns. He averaged 34 yards per kick return in 2021 with two touchdowns while averaging 14.4 yards per punt return with another two touchdowns.

It is not like Houston had the most menacing special teams unit (granted, the competition was not the best, either) and a lot of Jones's success was because of his athleticism and his ability to make tacklers miss with the football in his hands.

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Jones himself obviously would not make an offensive impact on the Chargers but having the returner on the defensive side of the football would open that fifth receiver spot for someone who could add an offensive impact. That could be a cheap receiver like DeSean Jackson or could even be Joe Reed.