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4 potential Andre Roberts replacements for the LA Chargers

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Cordarrelle Patterson
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1. Cordarelle Patterson

This is not the first time that Cordarelle Patterson has been mentioned here on Bolt Beat and all the stars seem to be aligning for the versatile offensive player to join the Chargers this offseason. Not only did Patterson already have ties to head coach Brandon Staley but he also has ties to new Chargers special teams coordinator, Ryan Ficken.

The league is often about connections and this could be the writing on the wall that the Chargers are going to go get Patterson in free agency. It makes sense on multiple fronts for the Bolts as well. Despite his solid season, Patterson still is not going to get an unbearable contract in free agency.

He can add depth to the receiving room as he can lineup just about anywhere on the offense and he also provides the team needed depth in the running back room as well. Obviously, the team does not want to run him thin but when you talk about a returner bringing offensive value, the conversation starts with Patterson.

The only potential hang-up in this would be the fact that Patterson does not really return punts anymore. The team could give him punt duties again but that probably would be too much on his plate considering everything else he could be doing for the Bolts.

Perhaps the team is confident in Joe Reed and turns to him to be the punt returner (adding another player to the offense) but outside of him, there are not any internal options for a punt returner to get excited about.