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Predicting which LA Chargers free agents stay and which leave

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Dustin Hopkins
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Will these special teams players leave or stay with the LA Chargers?

Andre Roberts: Stay

The LA Chargers finally found a great returner and while they could look to replace him in the draft for cheaper, Andre Roberts is not going to cost much at this point in his career. There has been so much turnover at the returner position and ti would be nice for the Bolts to lock someone down for another year or two, especially when he earned the role.

As long as Roberts wants to come back to LA then he should.

Dustin Hopkins: Stay

Everything that I just wrote about Roberts is true of Dustin Hopkins. Is Hopkins the best kicker in the league? No. But the Chargers finally found someone who was somewhat reliable and there is absolutely no reason to move off of him.

I know that Evan McPherson succeeding is convincing every fan to draft a kicker in 2022. For every McPherson, though, there is a Roberto Aguayo. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Matt Overton: Stay

There really is not much of a nuanced conversation to have about the long-snapper position.

Ty Long: Stay

There is a lot of hype about the LA Chargers drafting Matt Araiza in the 2022 NFL Draft. Ty Long also is not an elite punter, so the team could definitely look to improve the position in the offseason.

That being said, Long is a restricted free agent and he is obviously going to come back for super cheap. As intriguing as Araiza is, the Chargers would have to let Long walk away and then commit to picking Araiza in the draft. What if he is picked before the Bolts? Then what do you do?

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Long is the leader of the special teams unit and there is really no reason to move away from that.