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Predicting which LA Chargers free agents stay and which leave

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Justin Herbert, Stephen Anderson
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Will these offensive role players leave or stay with the LA Chargers?

Oday Aboushi: Stay

It is a no-brainer to bring back Oday Aboushi this offseason. At the very least he will provide really good depth that will compete for the starting job in camp. If he plays like he did at the beginning of last year then the Chargers will have a quality starter for cheap.

Aboushi came to the team for cheap in the offseason and after tearing his ACL in Week 5 he is not going to have much value this go around. The Chargers should be able to bring him back for cheaper than they got him last offseason.

Stephen Anderson: Leave

Stephen Anderson has been great for the LA Chargers but with Tre' McKitty getting a bigger role in the rotation and the team probably signing another cheap tight end, it will be time for Anderson to pursue greener pastures.

It makes sense from a career standpoint for Anderson as well. He has had some big moments with the team but he needs a team that is going to give him more opportunities.

Justin Jackson: Leave

This one could go either way. Justin Jackson may have played himself into a new deal at the end of the season and either way he is not going to make more than $2.5 million per season.

However, because of his injury concerns and inconsistency at times, I think Tom Telesco scoffs at the idea of paying him more next season. It will be interesting to see how they handle the running back room behind Austin Ekeler if that is the case.