Predicting which LA Chargers free agents stay and which leave

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Mike Williams
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Mike Williams returns to the LA Chargers

This is a no-brainer as far as I am concerned but there is a contingent of fans that do not want to see Mike Williams return to the Chargers. The argument against Williams is that the Bolts are going to have to pay him in the range of $18-20 million per season and that he is not a true WR1 and is not worth that money.

While I definitely understand that sentiment, contracts in the NFL are much more complicated than putting a dollar amount on someone and then not moving from that number. Sometimes teams have to overpay someone slightly and that is exactly the boat the LA Chargers are in. Paying him $3-4 million more than someone might think he is worth is not going to tank the rest of the roster.

The Chargers are in a position with a lot of cap space with their elite quarterback on his rookie contract. That is not the time to get cheap, especially when it comes to re-signing one of Herbert's weapons. The Chargers win no more than seven games without Mike Williams in 2021. He is important to this team.

The Bolts should franchise tag him with the intent of working out a four-year deal. The team can structure it like many four-year deals to give themselves the opportunity to get out of the deal after the second year with a small dead-cap hit to avoid any long-term issues.

Yes, the Chargers need to spend on defense but they will still have the resources to do that if they re-sign Mike Williams.