3 optimal selections for the LA Chargers with the 17th overall pick

By Sean Basile
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Chris Olave
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Chris Olave, WR, Ohio State

Finally, I still have to push the issue that the Bolts dropped more passes than any other team in 2021, and the fact that Keenan Allen was double-teamed like crazy contributed highly to that fact.

I would absolutely love a wide receiver pick at #17 for this team, even though a right tackle seems like the smarter, more conservative option right now.

Chris Olave, to me, is one of the most underrated players in this entire draft. We saw how fast he is at the combine. He's also a terrific route runner who manages to get himself open without too much flash.

I think he's a safer option over Jameson Williams who will be recovering from his torn ACL into October and possibly November.

And, on top of it, his game does not require him to be the number one receiver. We saw him at OSU last year take the back seat to Garrett Wilson. That being after Olave shot up the draft board the prior year when no one even knew who Wilson was.

I think intangibles like that, in the age of the ultra diva wide receiver, really make a guy like Olave a super likable option to add to your receiving core, regardless of what team that is.

He will not be demanding of getting the ball more than Keenan Allen or Mike Williams. But at the same time, his presence on the field is going to (1) take defenders off Keenan and Mike and open them up to drop fewer balls than last year, (2) open Chris himself up to be the sneaky third option and burn deep routes, (3) or a lethal combination of both.

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Olave is my pick at #17 if he's there. I'm sure that's controversial. And I'm sure that's why I'm not the Chargers GM.