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Ranking the LA Chargers top 5 needs for the 2022 NFL Draft

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Storm Norton
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1. Right side of the offensive line

The Chargers (at the time of writing this) still have two starting holes at right tackle and right guard. While the Bolts could target other positions in the first round depending on who falls to them at 17, it is almost impossible to deny the right side of the offensive line from being the biggest draft need in the 2022 NFL Draft.

If the season were to start tomorrow without the draft then the Bolts would likely be turning to Brenden Jaimes at right guard with Storm Norton or Trey Pipkins starting at right tackle. There is a reality in which the Chargers are high on those guys and don't view it as a need, but those really should not be the starters in 2022 without at least winning the job with improvement.

Right tackle is a much more likely position for the Chargers to draft in the first round. There is the dream situation of Charles Cross falling to the Bolts at 17, which would be a massive deal. Just like Rashawn Slater falling to 13 last year, Cross falling to 17 is probably the possible best-case scenario for the Chargers in round one.

The next best tackle is Trevor Penning, who is certainly a polarizing prospect. He will definitely go in the first round but there are some analysts who are not as high on Penning as a prospect. However, at the very least he should be better than Norton next season with a much higher ceiling moving forward.

It would be shocking if the Chargers drafted a guard even if there are some really good guards in this draft. If the Bolts trade back and pick up extra capital then it is more possible, especially if they do not make the cheap signing of bringing back Oday Aboushi (which they absolutely should do).

If all else fails the Chargers will at least still have a really good left side of the offensive line. But after watching Maxx Crosby terrorize the Chargers in Week 18, the team would be showing some serious confidence in their guys if they roll into 2022 without drafting a new starter in one, if not both, of the right offensive line positions.

It would certainly be a decision that the fanbase would reject.