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Ranking the LA Chargers top 5 needs for the 2022 NFL Draft

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J.C. Jackson
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2. Cornerback

The biggest addition that the LA Chargers made this offseason was at the cornerback position as they signed the best one on the market in J.C. Jackson. Even with that signing, the cornerback position is still the second-biggest draft need for the Bolts this year.

While Jackson is exactly the blue-chipper that the Chargers needed that will also make Michael Davis and Asante Samuel Jr. better with smaller roles, the Bolts still need more. The depth at cornerback is really rough heading into the season.

The Bolts are one injury at cornerback away from being forced to play someone who is going to be a massive hole on the defense. No fourth corner is going to be elite, obviously, but there are many better options than Tevaughn Campbell. LA is also turning to Asante Samuel to play the slot with no real other options there if Samuel does not pan out there.

You could make the case for the Bolts taking a first-round cornerback if someone like Derek Stingley Jr. falls to 17 as well as a slot corner in round four or five for depth. Depending on what the Bolts do at 17, cornerback could be the Chargers' lone pick on day three.

Lack of depth aside, Brandon Staley's defense is at its best when he has a versatile secondary that he can move around to dictate matchups and keep the box thin. As the Chargers currently stand right now, they simply cannot do that. The depth is simply not there.

We know how good Staley's defense is when he has the right pieces to run his schemes. That is what the Chargers should be striving for, which is why cornerback is still a big need.