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Ranking the LA Chargers top 5 needs for the 2022 NFL Draft

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Jerry Tillery
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3. Interior defensive line

The LA Chargers made two additions to the interior defensive line and two good ones at that. Sebastian Joseph-Day is one of the best run-stuffing nose tackles in the league and is going to be a massive improvement that helps shore up some of the issues in defending the run.

Austin Johnson is a versatile interior defensive lineman that could play any of the three positions inside in a 3-4 defense, as well as nose tackle. He was one of the most underrated run-defending interior defensive linemen in the league last season and he too will add a much-needed defensive impact.

There is still a third guy that the Chargers should be looking to add this offseason. Jerry Tillery is an okay pass-rushing option but is so bad against the run that the team really should not be using him on first downs at all. Breiden Fehoko and Christian Covington are great depth options with solid numbers in limited snaps but the Chargers shouldn't be giving them much bigger roles.

Should that pick be Jordan Davis? Probably not. Picking a defensive tackle in the first round might not be the best thing, and even if the team did, Devonte Wyatt is probably the better option with his versatility and ability to get to the quarterback as well.

If the Bolts can land a solid 3-4 DE that can play against the run and the pass, like Phidarian Mathis, on day two of the draft then it would be an absolute home run. The Chargers have made great strides in improving a weak part of the defense but there is one more piece to add.

With Brandon Staley's defense vision of emptying the box, getting another interior defensive lineman should happen in the 2022 NFL Draft. Speaking of Brandon Staley's defensive vision...