Ranking the LA Chargers top 5 needs for the 2022 NFL Draft

Jason Reed
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Austin Ekeler
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4. Running back

The Chargers' running back room is in a rough shape heading into the 2022 NFL Draft. There were depth concerns entering the 2021 season at the position and even with a fantastic season from Austin Ekeler, those issues still reared their ugly head.

Justin Jackson had his moments, including one massive run and a huge game against the Houston Texans, but once again was inconsistent and could not stay on the field. Larry Rountree ended up being more like Joshua Kelley than the Chargers may have hoped as Telesco struck out on back-to-back late-round running backs.

As it stands right now, the Chargers' running back room consists of Ekeler, Rountree and Kelley. You could make the case that neither Rountree nor Kelley should be on the active roster, showing just how thin this room really is.

For that reason, the Chargers could make the shocking decision of drafting a running back earlier than people expect, especially if they trade back in the draft and pick up an extra day two pick. Or, the Bolts could try their luck with another late-round running back, with Ty Chandler perhaps being the best round 6-7 option available (as far as I am concerned).

Either way, the Bolts should still bring in another veteran running back to give the team depth. There are still some decent cheap options on the market that the Bolts could more than afford and it would be slightly surprising if they don't add that depth.