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3 mid-round edge rushers for the LA Chargers to consider in 2022 NFL Draft

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Jeffrey Gunter
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3. Jeffrey Gunter, Coastal Carolina

This would be an example of the LA Chargers going the other way with a mid-round edge rusher. Instead of drafting someone who can come in on passing downs to pressure the quarterback, the Chargers could look for someone who can set the edge against the run to take some of the early-down workload off of Khalik Mack specifically. It is a long season, after all.

This could actually mesh nicely with the way the roster is constructed considering Rumph's potential as an edge rusher in the NFL is in getting to the quarterback. The Chargers would be getting a nice balance with one guy that can be a pass-rushing depth option and one guy who can be the edge-setting option against the run.

Jeffrey Gunter could be that guy as he is one of the better run-defending EDGE players in the draft class. However, that ability is not valued nearly as much as the ability to get pressure on the quarterback, so his value as a draft prospect is not that high.

Gunter ranks all the way down at 213 on the consensus big board, however, The Draft Network ranks him 176th. Either way, Gunter would be an option for the Chargers in the fifth or sixth round, depending on who else is on the board at the time.

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Sure, it is not as fun as getting a designated pass-rusher but this might be the best way to build a balanced rotation while also allowing the team to add depth to other areas of the roster before getting a third or fourth EDGE.