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3 guards the LA Chargers could target in the 2022 NFL Draft

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Cole Strange, Chattanooga

Chattanooga’s Cole Strange is one of the more intriguing prospects in this year's class. After a strong career at Chatanooga, Strange solidified his spot in this year's draft with strong showings at both the Senior Bowl and combine.

Strange spent six seasons at Chatanooga and started 44 games. While he is viewed as a developmental prospect along the offensive line, he has the experience and athletic ability to adjust to the NFL given time. 

At 6’6 and 300 pounds, Strange is one of the taller guard prospects in this year's group. But he is also one of the smaller in terms of weight. While he has shown the ability to handle opposing defenders, he may need to get a little heavier to handle the competition that he will face at the next level.

Strange, even while spending six seasons at Chatanooga, has played just over 1200 snaps over the past four seasons. He was in a system that relied heavily on the run, and you can see it in his game. He is one of the more polished run blockers in this year's group. He was the 12th best run-blocking guard out of 606 eligible players according to PFF. 

Even while going to a school that didn't throw the ball often, Strange showed that he can still effectively pass block. He was on the field for 311 passing snaps this past season and allowed just one sack, three hurries, and five pressures. 

There is a case to be made that Strange is being undervalued solely because of the school he attended and the competition he faced. The competition he faced during college was not the same caliber as guys such as Kenyon Green or Zion Johnson, but there is no reason to think that Strange won't be able to adjust to the NFL.

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Every season there is a player from a smaller school that shocks everyone when they reach the next level. Strange has the makings to be that player this season.