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Grading the LA Chargers 2021 draft class after one season

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Larry Rountree III
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Nick Niemann: A

Look, Nick Niemann may not have had much of an impact on the defensive side of the ball but he was fantastic on the special teams side of things. When you draft a linebacker this late in the draft that is all you are hoping to get in their rookie season and Niemann exceeded expectations in that regard.

Niemann was named to the PFWA All-Rookie team for his contributions as a special teams player. It is borderline impossible to give a rookie anything less than an A for making an All-Rookie team. At the very least, the Bolts know they have a solid special teamer.

Larry Rountree: D-

The only reason I give Larry Rountree a D- and not an F is because it can be worse and the Chargers have been worse recently. With other pressing needs on the roster, the Bolts selected Joshua Kelley in the fourth round of the 2020 NFL Draft after not having a day two pick. That was worse than Rountree.

The Chargers have a depth issue at running back and it is because the team cannot draft a quality running back in day three of the draft. Larry Rountree proved to be more of the same with Kelley arguably being better this season. Neither he nor Kelley is guaranteed a spot on the roster in 2022.

Mark Webb: C-

Mark Webb was a seventh-round pick who didn't really do much. He appeared in seven games almost exclusively as a special teams player who only played six defensive snaps all season. The Chargers didn't draft Webb to have a big role in 2021, making him one of the hardest players to grade.

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I cannot call it a failure, but without giving us one single thing that sticks out in an entire 17-game season (and preseason), I cannot give him anything more than a C- either.