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Grading the LA Chargers 2021 draft class after one season

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Chris Rumph II
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Chris Rumph: C

Chris Rumph was touted as a developmental prospect after the LA Chargers drafted him in the fourth round of the 2021 NFL Draft and that showed in 2021. Rumph had some really exciting parts about his game from college but it was clear that there would be a refining process before he could turn into an impactful pro.

Rumph did not really have much of an impact on the Bolts in 2021. He played a very limited number of snaps in 2021 and did not do anything that really started to turn heads. The potential is still there, but it is hard to feel better about Rumph after 2021 than we did before the season started.

The one positive is that Rumph improved on the kick-return team as the year went along. There were some struggles early on and he turned it around. That could make the team hopeful that he will continue to blossom as a pro on defense.

Brenden Jaimes: F

This might sound harsh and I am by no means saying that Jaimes cannot get better and realize his potential in the NFL. However, the fact that he did not play a single snap for the Chargers in 2021 should be really concerning.

Jaimes was touted as a great value selection in the fifth round by the Bolts. While he was not going to be elite by any means as a rookie, he helped add to the depth of the offensive line with the ability to play both guard and tackle.

However, despite the team dealing with several injuries to the offensive line, Jaimes never played as he was deemed "not ready". That is concerning. The Chargers ran out an offensive line that included Senio Kelemete and Michael Schofield at guard in a game. The Bolts would rather go with that than give Jaimes a shot.

While it is not make-or-break for the team's success, the Bolts better hope that he figures something out in the offseason or it will be yet another wasted day three pick. I am still hopeful that he can turn it around.