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Grading the LA Chargers 2021 draft class after one season

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Josh Palmer
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Joshua Palmer: B+

This might seem like a high grade to give someone whose overall numbers were not that eye-popping in his rookie season. However, Joshua Palmer simply did not have the role to produce big numbers for the LA Chargers in his rookie season. He was the WR4 for most of the year but finally got a big chance against the New York Giants and thrived. After that, he was integrated more in the offense and showed off some of that potential that he has.

Palmer is a talented receiver that is primed to make a big leap in year two. He played really well over the last five weeks of the season and should parlay that into a bigger role in 2021 which results in bigger numbers.

Palmer may not have gotten many opportunities because of his situation but he made the most of his opportunities, hence the B+. Four touchdowns in his minimal role is nothing to scoff at.

Tre' McKitty: C+

Talk about not having a big role, Tre' McKitty was not even on the active roster for most of the season. However, once he did finally get his chance he proved to be the best run-blocking tight end that the Chargers had on the entire roster.

McKitty still has a lot to prove to be an every-down tight end that can catch passes but at the very least the team knows that it has a well-above-average run-blocking tight end. Those can be hard to come by and the Chargers got one for cheap in the 2021 NFL Draft.