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Grading the LA Chargers 2021 draft class after one season

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Asante Samuel Jr.
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Asante Samuel Jr.: C

Asante Samuel Jr. was another player that Charger fans did not expect to actually fall to the Bolts in the second round. The dream mock draft for the Bolts last year saw them taking Slater at 13 and Samuel at 47 but it seemed far too unrealistic for that to actually happen.

Just like Slater, Samuel fell to the Bolts in the second round and it was a no-brainer to pick him. Samuel showcased some of the best skills in college but was just a tad undersized. However, his ability to play man coverage made him a no-brainer for Brandon Staley's defense.

Samuel started off the season really strong with two interceptions in the first three weeks of action. However, that would end up being the peak of his rookie season. Samuel dealt with two separate concussions that kept him out for significant time and when he finally returned he was not playing as well.

This is the classic case of a talented rookie simply having a lackluster rookie season. Samuel has the skillset and potential to blossom into a talented corner in the NFL and another full offseason of work is going to help him accomplish that.

However, we are not grading Samuel based on his potential. We are grading him on his performance vs. expectations. It was not a failure by any means, but it could have been much better.