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LA Chargers: The biggest draft busts of the Tom Telesco era

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Forrest Lamp
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1. Forrest Lamp, 2017, pick 38

This one still does not make sense to me.

Yes, Forrest Lamp did suffer injuries that undoubtedly had an impact on his career as an NFL offensive lineman. However, he was still one of the highest-touted offensive line prospects in the 2017 NFL Draft and turned into one of the worst guards at the NFL level.

Part of the problem was that Lamp was a great tackle in college that transitioned to guard because of his size and he never really seemed to nail that transition. He was part of some really bad offensive lines on the Chargers and the team got actively better when he left.

Lamp didn't actually get a full-time starting role until the 2020 season. According to Pro Football Focus, Lamp allowed 38 pressures playing the left guard position. That was the third-most pressures allowed by a guard in the entire NFL.

It might seem contradicting to make Lamp no. 1 on this list while Verrett is no. 5 when they both battled injury issues but at least Verrett showed the talent when he did play. Lamp, who was not a reach and was viewed to be one of the biggest steals in the draft at the time, did not show any starting talent in the chance he did receive.


But hey, everything happens for a reason and the Chargers have since focused on rebuilding the offensive line with Brandon Staley in the building.