LA Chargers: A 5-year history of the 17th overall pick

Jason Reed
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Dexter Lawrence
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2019: Dexter Lawrence, DL, New York Giants

When you look back at the 2019 draft class you will realize just how thin that class was. It can make fans feel better about the Chargers drafting Jerry Tillery as there is not that much top-line talent in the first round of that draft class.

Perhaps the reason is that the second season of all of these guys' careers came in a pandemic season that was unlike anything in NFL history, stunting their growth as NFL players. That did not seem to impact the 2020 rookies too much, though, so I think we can chop it up as a bad draft class.

That does not mean that Dexter Lawrence has been a bad player, though. He does not have any accolades in his career and is not someone who is mentioned when discussing the best defensive ends in the league.

That being said, Lawrence has been more than solid in his three seasons with the Giants and it is hard to complain with his production. Did the Giants want more? Of course, it is a first-round pick. Has he been bad? Not at all.

Lawrence made the shift to defensive tackle in 2021 after playing on the edge in his first two seasons and was fine. All things considered with the rest of his draft class in the first round, it is hard to hate this pick for the Giants.