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LA Chargers: 3 important keys to defeating the Dallas Cowboys in Week 2

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2. The LA Chargers have to fix the drops from Week 1

While the LA Chargers had a relatively good day offensively against the Washington Football Team, there were two areas that the team could have improved offensively. First is how efficient the Bolts were in the red zone, as they scored only two touchdowns in six attempts.

The other is securing the football and not making a slew of drops. The red-zone efficiency is not something to worry about in this game. Dallas has a much worse defense than Washington and it won't tighten up to the extent that Washington did.

Plus, the Chargers had some unfortunate breaks that skewed the numbers. The incomplete pass that was ruled a fumble resulted in a turnover and the team kneeled the ball to end the game within the 10-yard line.

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The drops are the area that the Bolts really need to focus on in this game for many of the same reasons as the kicking game. This is going to be a shootout and the Chargers cannot bank on Dallas having a bad offensive game.

The Chargers need to bring their A-game offensively and their A-game does not include the number of drops that the team had in Week 1.