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How the LA Chargers can defeat the Dallas Cowboys in Week 2

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3. A standout Asante Samuel Jr. performance

In a broad sense, the defensive matchups on Dallas' receivers will involve a lot of rotations and switches. One certain matchup will involve Amari Cooper vs. Michael Davis on the outside. He's the only corner the Chargers have that has the size and speed to match up with Cooper.

Outside of that, it's a lot less certain in my opinion. Derwin James is your safety that can cover any receiver the Cowboys have on the field at a given time. Chris Harris will not play, as he has been ruled out. The true X-factor in my opinion is Samuel.

Samuel's size could lead to him getting picked on by Prescott on some throws. Against Washington though, he played fairly well in coverage minus a PI call vs. Dyami Brown. Lamb's physicality in the open field does make me somewhat concerned if Samuel is matched up with him at points.

Relatively speaking, the level of James' performance that we're going to get is to be expected. The same knowledge of the expectation be said for Davis on Cooper (to a lesser degree). If Samuel can ball out, that provides real difficulty for Dallas trying to move the ball. If he is getting consistently picked on however, that may provide a bit of a safety valve for Prescott.