5 celebrities who are huge fans of the LA Chargers

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Rebecca Romijn, Jerry O'Connell
Appearing at Paramount+'s 2nd Annual "Star Trek Day" Celebration, Jerry O'Connell, here with his wife Rebecca Romijn, is a huge Bolts fan. / Kevin Winter/GettyImages

Jerry O’Connell

The man who played Frank Cushman in the classic sports film “Jerry Maguire” is also an avid Chargers fan. A fantasy football fanatic and perhaps one of the best recurring guests on “Pardon My Take”, O’Connell is not shy about admitting his Chargers fandom.

An actor, director and television host, O’Connell has appeared in a slew of films from “Stand By Me” and “Scream 2” to “Kangaroo Jack” and as the current co-host of “The Talk.” In the past, the actor has appeared on Chargers Weekly with the team and has made an effort across social media to profess his Bolts admiration. 

According to CBS News, O’Connell is a self-proclaimed die-hard Chargers fan and has served as the co-host of some Chargers pregame and halftime shows on KCBS. After admitting he only watches just two-quarters of football each week, it would appear that O’Connell does mostly prefer to watch the Bolts unless his fantasy football lineup is in jeopardy.

An extremely charming personality, it has yet to be determined what O’Connell’s thoughts are on the upcoming Chargers season. Nonetheless, having O’Connell as part of the Bolts brigade is a huge boost for Los Angeles given his magnetic personality and status as part of the “Mount Rushmore of Guest” for Pardon My Take. Though this list is in no order, O’Connell is dueling with Lopez for the top spot in the Chargers celebrity fan rankings.