5 celebrities who are huge fans of the LA Chargers

Rugby ATL v LA Giltinis
Rugby ATL v LA Giltinis / Kevork Djansezian/GettyImages
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In a series of running jokes that I am sure have become highly annoying for Chargers supporters, yes the Bolts do indeed have fans and, for that matter, a slew of followers. What’s more, the Chargers also maintain their own fair share of celebrity backers.

In a place like Hollywood, it is almost a given that multiple celebrities will be at your home games and eventually back your team if they are winning. When the team moved from San Diego to Los Angeles back in 2017, the Bolts did lose some 619 mainstays like Rey Mysterio and Phil Mickelson, but they have also gained some L.A. admirers with their squad having more success on the field. 

Here, Bolt Beat will go over some of the most notable Bolts backers and their connections to the Chargers. 

Mario Lopez

A pretty consistent supporter of the Chargers over the years, Mario Lopez was one of the first celebrities to embrace the Bolts when they came to Los Angeles. An American actor and television host, Lopez is primarily known for his portrayal of A.C. Slater on the iconic series “Saved by the Bell” in the 1990s.

Since then, he has appeared on “Dancing with the Stars” and as the host of syndicated entertainment news magazine shows “Extra” and “Access Hollywood.” Lopez has appeared at multiple L.A. home games with his family and has made an effort to make sure that the team is getting the attention it deserves in the crowded L.A. sports market. 

A native of San Diego, Calif. Lopez has followed the Chargers for some time and has appeared on podcasts like “Pardon My Take” to represent his Bolts fandom. In fact, he has collaborated with the team on multiple occasions on their official website like showing Rashawn Slater around Los Angeles. He also maintains a consistent voice of support for the team on social media and promotes the Bolts whenever he can.

From giving Chargers rookie tours around Sunset Boulevard to being one of the guests of honor with his family at home games, Lopez has done a great job of representing the Chargers.