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3 LA Chargers who deserve the most blame for Week 12 loss to Broncos

Los Angeles Chargers v Denver Broncos
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Tevaughn Campbell
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3. Tevaughn Campbell

Tevaughn Campbell has to step up and play a bigger role for the LA Chargers with Asante Samuel Jr. suffering two concussions in three weeks and likely missing significant time as a result. While Campbell showed potential early on in the season against Kansas City, he has been nothing but awful since.

The defense did a pretty good job at limiting the Denver Broncos in this game and it is hard to blame the entire defense for this ugly loss. That being said, the one area of the defense that did struggle was once again Campbell, as he was either hunted in big spots or made big mistakes in big spots.

There are several plays that stick out that hurt the Chargers. On the first play of the Broncos' second drive of the game, Tim Patrick put Campbell in a blender to pick up a big gain over the middle that put Denver in field goal range. Later in that drive Teddy Bridgewater scrambled to Campbell's side of the field, he did not notice, and then showed absolutely zero effort to push Bridgewater out of bounds before he got into the endzone. Zero.

He missed an easy tackle on Javonte Williams on the Broncos' second touchdown drive that resulted in a first down. That helped set up the horrible third and nine rushing touchdown that was not his fault.

His worst play of the game helped the Broncos take a two-possession lead in the game. On first and 10 from the 49, Bridgewater threw a pass in the flat to Williams and Campbell met him at the line of scrimmage for a seemingly easy tackle. Campbell completely whiffed on the tackle and Williams carried the ball inside the 10-yard line. Jerry Tillery had a roughing the passer call on the same play, so they would have picked up yards regardless, but it was just an awful play by Campbell.

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Quite frankly, Brandon Staley needs to pivot and give someone else playing time over Tevaughn Campbell. He has been awful this season.