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LA Chargers: Predicting the outcome of all 3 AFC West games

Cleveland Browns v LA Chargers
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Las Vegas Raiders 27, Denver Broncos 17

The Las Vegas Raiders actually enter their Week 6 road game as underdogs against the Denver Broncos. Both teams have lost two games in a row after starting 3-0, proving that they were not that great of 3-0 teams and both teams suffered ugly losses last week.

Quite frankly, it feels like the Broncos are bigger frauds than the Raiders when we are talking about the talent of each team, so it is interesting to me that they are favored, even at home. However, the Raiders are undergoing a coaching change after Jon Gruden resigned, which definitely has an impact on this line.

While neither team is as talented as the LA Chargers I do think the Raiders are the more talented team in this game. And while the Raiders are undergoing a change of the guard I would argue that Jon Gruden was not even that good of a coach to begin with.

Are the Raiders downgrading at head coach? Probably not. Sure, there is the media swarm surrounding it but it has also given the team something to rally behind and play for the Raiders.

After the hot 3-0 start an 0-3 stretch for the Raiders did not seem likely, especially with the Bears and Broncos after the Chargers game.

As ugly as it sounds, I think we are going to be looking at the Chargers and Raiders atop the AFC West together after Week 6 with a 3-2 record while the Broncos and Chiefs are both below them with a 3-3 record.