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LA Chargers: Predicting the outcome of all 3 AFC West games

Cleveland Browns v LA Chargers
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Andy Reid
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Kansas City Chiefs 42, Washington Football Team 28

The Kansas City Chiefs are 2-3 and have to play catch up to the LA Chargers. This is not the start that the Chiefs imagined and this is more than just bad luck. The Chiefs have not played their best football and no longer seem to be the unbeatable force that they once were.

While the offense is still the best in the league when it is playing at its best it has not been living up to expectations thus far. Not only that, but the gap between the Chiefs' offense and other great offenses in the league has shrunk significantly.

Mix in a defense that has been one of the worst in the league thus far this season and you have a problem. They are still a playoff team without a doubt but they are no longer a team that is have their way with its opposition.

That being said, they are coming up against a Washington Football Team that can move the ball but has one of the worst secondaries in the league. Coming off a tough primetime loss to the Buffalo Bills, the Chiefs are going to be angry in this one.

While Washington should be able to move the ball against the Chiefs, it is hard to imagine the Washington offense keeping up with an angry Patrick Mahomes and co. This game will look very similar to the Eagles game from two weeks ago.