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LA Chargers: Ranking the AFC West interior defensive linemen

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3. Denver Broncos

You certainly can make a case for the Denver Broncos being second on this list ahead of the team that actually ranks second. I will explain why the no. 2 team gets the edge over Denver when we get to that page.

Denver runs a 3-4 defense and has been very successful in doing so the last several years. With Denver's identity of being a great defensive team you would think that they have better interior defensive linemen.

They certainly are not bad, they are far from that. However, they are not super exciting, and like the rest of the division, are middle of the road.

Shelby Harris is the best that the Broncos have and he is quite good. Harris is an above-average inside lineman who is really solid in stopping the run. That being said, he is still not a Pro Bowl-caliber player and is only getting older.

Dre'Mont Jones is in a similar boat as Jerry Tillery as he is in his third year in the league and has not been all that great through two years. However, you can make the case that Tillery has a higher ceiling (we will get to that later).

Mike Purcell got injured last season and is all-around a below-average nose tackle.