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LA Chargers: 4 important takeaways from preseason loss to 49ers

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4. The LA Chargers are leaning into the passing offense

A big reason why the LA Chargers only scored 10 points in this game is that the team leaned so heavily on the passing attack and did not have the greatest of quarterbacks under center.

It is not the results that we are concerned with, it is the frequency at which the plays were called and the offensive identity of this team moving forward. If the preseason means anything then the Chargers are going to be a pass-first team, leaning into Justin Herbert as a top-10 quarterback in the league.

The Chargers attempted 35 passes in this game and had 18 designed non-quarterback runs. While there were sacks and quarterback runs, the Chargers are essentially passing the ball twice as much as they are running the ball. That is a welcome sign.

Austin Ekeler is a really good running back but he is at his best as a receiving back. The Chargers have every reason to pass the ball more and while they should not abandon the run, Staley understands that they don't have to "establish the run" like Anthony Lynn was so obsessed with doing.

In fact, establishing the Chargers as one of the best passing teams in the league is only going to make the running game better as the team is going to come up against fewer defenders in the box and against more nickel and dime packages.

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It is 2021, not 1981 and teams need to establish the pass to help the run game out, not the other way around. Brandon Staley understands this.