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LA Chargers: 4 important takeaways from preseason loss to 49ers

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2. The LA Chargers tackle depth is really bad

It did not matter who was at quarterback for the LA Chargers as they were constantly getting pressured in this game. While there were standout members of the offensive line, perhaps the players who stood out the most were the tackles, who both struggled.

Trey Pipkins and Storm Norton are the backup tackles in LA and they looked terrible in this game. Pipkins has been a headache for Charger fans for three years now and there were some higher expectations for Norton after how well he played in the XFL.

Both were bad and Brandon Staley did not mince any words when discussing their play. This was actually refreshing for Charger fans to hear, as the old regime would give the same generic answers, seemingly not holding their guys accountable.

This is a potential issue for the LA Chargers, especially with Bryan Bulaga being unable to stay healthy last season and his age. However, the team does have an out if Pipkins and Norton continue to be terrible.

The out is playing Brenden Jaimes, who has been fantastic, at tackle or even moving Matt Feiler to tackle to play James and Oday Aboushi at guard. Feiler is better as a guard but he is still a better tackle than Pipkins and Norton, as least based on how they played on Sunday.