Khalil Mack, Joey Bosa, and more: How each Chargers restructure would impact the cap

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CB J.C. Jackson

Simply for the sake of discussion, this one is a more interesting decision than the other moves which feel very binary. If the Chargers restructured J.C. Jackson, they'd save $8.2 million by locking him into the 2024 season. His cap number next year would go up to $22.1 million.

On paper, those numbers seem fine. But with Jackson, it's impossible to not bring up his torn patellar tendon in these discussions. Do the Chargers want to save money now and effectively get rid of their emergency switch to be able to get out of the contract next year if it's necessary?

His 2023 performance could take a serious hit with the injury and right now the Chargers don't even know if he'll start the season. If he does, is he even close to the same player?

With a post-June 1st designation cut in 2024, the Chargers could save $14 million on Jackson's contract. A restructure right now would effectively destroy the ability to get out of that contract until probably 2025 at the earliest.

Considering both the severity of the torn patellar tendon as well as Jackson's off-the-field issues in 2022, Los Angeles may want to preserve their flexibility in this situation as opposed to freeing up the $8.2 million they could save now.

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Overall, the Chargers probably still want to play the waiting game with Jackson.

  • 2023 cap savings: $8.2 million
  • 2024 cap number: $22.1 million