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The 4 toughest defenses Justin Herbert faces on the Chargers' schedule

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Xavien Howard
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3. Miami Dolphins

Some may rank Denver ahead of Miami on this list or might even take Miami off the list altogether. The Dolphins, Brocos, Colts, Browns and Titans are all essentially in the same tier of defenses and could very easily be shuffled around depending on what actually happens in 2022.

In a neutral playing field with no home crowd or the advantage of playing at elevation, I do believe that Miami would be a tougher defense to beat. They have a similar outlook as Denver in that they have several blue-chippers and need more depth but they are still a solid defense.

Miami ranked 15th in points allowed but 10th in defensive DVOA last season. When they are at the best, the Dolphins are a takeaway factory that can give the offense a short field to work with, which is needed with Tua Tagovailoa at quarterback.

Xavien Howard is the star of the secondary as one of the best cornerbacks in the entire league and behind him is a potential future All-Pro in Jevon Holland, who the team took in the second round in 2021. The secondary is absolutely the strength for the Miami defense, which is great in today's NFL.

Justin Herbert arguably had the worst game of his career in Miami in 2020. Herbert will look to avenge that in front of his home crowd late in the season.