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The 4 toughest defenses Justin Herbert faces on the Chargers' schedule

New England Patriots v Los Angeles Chargers
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Justin Herbert is already among the elite tier of quarterbacks in the NFL. Fans know that it does not matter who the LA Chargers play, Justin Herbert will always keep the team in the ball game.

There certainly are tougher defenses on the Chargers schedule that will give Herbert a harder time. As great as he is, he is still prone to the 1-2 "bad" games a season (his bad games are still pretty good) and those typically come against the toughest defenses the Chargers face.

We already broke down the five easiest defenses on the Chargers' schedule, let's go to the opposite end of the spectrum.

Here are the 4 toughest defenses Justin Herbert will face on the Chargers schedule:

4. Denver Broncos

There are some teams that just narrowly missed the cut. The Tennessee Titans, Cleveland Browns and Indianapolis Colts all would vie for the fifth spot on this list. However, each of those teams has something to nitpick more so than the four teams who made the cut.

The Denver Broncos allowed the second-fewest points per game last season despite ranking near the middle of the pack in Football Outsider's defensive DVOA. Denver was a team that was coached really well on the defensive side by Vic Fangio and has the best natural home-field advantage in the entire sport.

Denver did fire Fangio this offseason and traded Von Miller during the season in 2021. That being said, Denver did still add Randy Gregory, who will add a positive impact on defense (even if he was overpaid).

Patrick Surtain is the star of the defense and he could very easily be an All-Pro as early as next season. Justin Simmons is also one of the best safeties in the league, giving Denver one of the best cornerback-safety duos in the entire NFL.

What holds Denver back despite having several blue-chipper is the lack of depth in certain areas that could hurt the team during the grind of the 17-game season.