3 reasons why the Chargers can overcome J.C. Jackson's injury vs. Raiders

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3. The LA Chargers are still going to feast on offense

The LA Chargers know how to win a shootout. The team had to win plenty of shootouts last season as they had one of the best offenses in the league coupled with one of the worst defenses. While Jackson is not playing in this game, there is no denying that the Chargers have a better defense than they did last season.

Sure, the Raiders are better offensively with Adams in the fold but one player does not make an entire offense. If Brandon Staley is as good of a defensive-minded head coach as Chargers fans think he is then the team should be able to game plan and make the Raiders beat them in other areas.

That is not to say that the Raiders won't have any success offensively and that the Chargers will completely shut them down, but as long as the offense does not shoot itself in the foot, the defense should be able to keep the Raiders from matching the Chargers' score.

The Chargers have an MVP-caliber quarterback in an offense that he is now more comfortable in and also now has more talent. While the team did not make major additions to the offense, they have improved at both right guard and tight end and will likely get more out of the WR3 position with Josh Palmer in his second year.

It would be shocking if the Chargers did not score 30 points in this game. They certainly have the bandwidth to do so against a bad Raiders defense that lacks talent in the secondary. Sure, the Raiders have the pairing of Maxx Crosby and Chandler Jones but they are more equipped to stop those two than the Raiders are to stop Mack and Bosa.

Jones is not the same elite guy and after his Week 1 outburst last year his pressure numbers were nearly identical to that of Uchenna Nwosu. He is not going to expose Rashawn Slater at all.

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Meanwhile, the Chargers can load up help on the right side to at least slow Crosby down. He will certainly get through at times but Herbert is the best quarterback in the league under pressure.