Full Chargers mock draft after Tom Telesco's bold restructures

Jason Reed
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Chargers mock draft round 3: Marvin Mims, WR, Oklahoma

Here is the speed receiver that Chargers fans have been so desperately asking for. A lot of fans want to see the Chargers draft a wide receiver in the first round but I would argue that drafting one that early is even less likely than it was before the restructures.

Of course, if there is someone unbelievably talented that falls 10 spots lower than their draft projections then it is worth the conversation. But that hardly happens with receivers and the Bolts would be better off waiting in this draft until day 2 to take a receiver.

Marvin Mims would give the Chargers exactly what they need right now. He is a vertical weapon with sub-4.40 speed that can play both inside and outside and make defenses respect the deep part of the field. In year one, he would simply be a rich man's version of Jalen Guyton.

Then he could develop more into a slot specialist in year two and beyond. Meanwhile, the plan can be to draft a receiver in the first round of the 2024 NFL Draft and it becomes clear how the wide receiver room will shake out long term.

One of Mike Williams and Keenan Allen will likely be gone in 2024. Let's assume it is Williams. The team can draft a first-round receiver in 2024 and the room would consist of Allen, Mims, said first-round receiver and Joshua Palmer as the top four.