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4 free agents the Chargers can sign to replenish the roster amid injury bug

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3. Will Fuller, WR

We have already explored the potential for the LA Chargers to sign Odell Beckham Jr. during the season. The problem is that Odell is going to take his sweet time and he is likely going to choose someone around midseason that looks primed for a Super Bowl run. The Chargers may not have time to wait and may not be in a key position for Odell to choose them.

If Guyton's knee injury is serious then the Chargers should be calling Will Fuller ASAP. While there are guys like Jason Moore and Michael Bandy on the practice squad, they do not have the ceiling that Fuller has as a top-end speed guy that can be a deep-ball option.

Fuller broke his thumb in Week 4 last season and we have not seen him since. While he himself is injury-prone, bringing him in to be the WR4/5 as a deep-ball option is not putting too much stress on him. At his best, Fuller is better than Guyton anyway, so this might be an improvement.

Fuller is averaging 14.7 yards per reception in his NFL career as he has run a lightning-quick 4.33 40-yard-dash time. Chargers fans have been pointing out that the team does not really have anyone that can create quick separation with their athleticism and Fuller could do that with his speed.

This offense needs a jolt, badly, and Fuller could be that jolt.