Frank Reich is the no-brainer choice for Chargers offensive coordinator

Alexander Insdorf
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An excellent deal for all sides

When evaluating a potential offensive coordinator hire, it has to make sense for all sides. By that I mean it has to give both parties involved the best opportunity now and going forward in their careers.

For Reich, the explanation is simple. If he works with Herbert and gets him into MVP candidacy or raises the Chargers to be a top 3-5 offense, he becomes the overwhelming favorite for head coach openings next year. There's a built-in familiarity with general manager Tom Telesco as well from the San Diego days.

Staley and Telesco on the other hand absolutely need this offensive coordinator hire to work. If the Chargers fall short in the playoffs and don't win a game with the offense still subpar, they're both gone. There's not going to be a coordinator adjustment that Staley could make to save himself that time. Reich is absolutely the most surefire thing right now with his experience and system.

Maybe other west coast play callers have higher ceilings in the league. But if you're a betting man here, are you staking your job and NFL future on Reich or the young guys? LaFleur might very well work out, but he's coming off an arduous Jets tenure and is still very young. Joe Brady falls into the same boat in terms of being less experienced even though they both have some level of play-calling experience in the league.

In addition to Staley and Telesco needing to stop the offense from metaphorically bleeding in 2023, they also need to think beyond that. One dig on Reich is that he has a very high chance of being one and done as a coordinator if he moves on to a head coaching gig in 2024. That is true.

But the Chargers also opened up their QB coach gig by firing Shane Day. Reich laying the foundation for an offensive coordinator pipeline with the amount of networking and guys he knows around the league after his departure could be very valuable.

All in all, Reich is absolutely the most slam-dunk candidate the Chargers have right now. I wouldn't go as far as to say Reich or bust if he's available, but it's very easy to see why he's the top dog in the race right now.