Frank Reich is the no-brainer choice for Chargers offensive coordinator

Alexander Insdorf
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His experience is valuable to the Chargers

Reich has play-calling experience and NFL experience in abundance over the rest of the field. If you're Brandon Staley and this hire needs to be nailed, he's the surest thing out there.

For the record, Brian Johnson, Mike LaFleur, and Joe Brady would all be good candidates in my view. And as Staley said in his Wednesday presser, a lack of NFL experience comparatively does not exclude younger candidates from consideration.

Still, the value of having a former NFL quarterback of with 14 years of playing experience and over 15 years of coaching experience cannot be understated. A former head coach standing on the sideline side by side with Staley to be in his ear could be huge as well.

Other than perhaps Todd Monken of Georgia, there's not really another offensive coordinator candidate this cycle who comes close to touching the level of experience Reich has. Firing Lombardi and falling into a top-tier offensive coordinator in the sport who doesn't need to develop as a play caller is about as good as the Chargers could ask for.

Reich has grown a lot in seven years since his last tenure in San Diego, which is something fans need to acknowledge as well. A Super Bowl title as a coordinator and a winning record over five seasons as a head coach is just another level of resume compared to other candidates for this position.