Former Chargers who have already found new homes in free agency

Jason Reed
Los Angeles Chargers v Indianapolis Colts
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Brandon Facyson - Las Vegas Raiders

Brandon Facyson was another player that was frustrating to watch on the LA Chargers. Facyson was a depth cornerback and there was a reason why he was lower on the depth chart. However, injuries and a lack of depth always put Facyson in a position to play meaningful snaps and it would burn the Chargers.

Facyson simply was not very good when he was with the Bolts. Once Staley came to town he cut ties with the depth cornerback, putting him on the practice squad instead of the active roster. Former Chargers defensive coordinator Gus Bradley wanted Facyson to follow him, bringing him to the Las Vegas Raiders.

After one year with the Raiders, Facyson followed Bradley once more to the Indianapolis Colts, where he played in 2022. Bradley is still the defensive coordinator for the Colts but Facyson's tenure with him is ending as he agreed to a deal to retun to the Raiders.

Facyson is not the only former struggling Charger that the Raiders have paid this offseason as they re-signed Jerry Tillery to a two-year deal that paid him starting money. If the Raiders want to keep bringing in former Chargers who struggled then be our guest. It is surprising that they didn't sign Norton.