Former Chargers who have already found new homes in free agency

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Dan Feeney - Miami Dolphins

Dan Feeney is a bit of a sensitive subject for LA Chargers fans and it is nothing against the man himself. Feeney was meant to be part of an offensive line revolution for the Chargers that simply did not pan out, setting the team back years in the process.

Feeney was drafted in the same year as Forrest Lamp, who many considered to be a first-round prospect in the 2017 NFL Draft but fell to the Chargers in round two. Injuries hampered Lamp and Feeney simply was never good while he was with the Chargers.

Feeney was one of the worst linemen in the sport in his last year with the Bolts in 2020 in which Justin Herbert was pressured at an asinine rate. Brandon Staley came to town and invested in completely reinventing the offensive line, building a much more respectable unit now that should protect Herbert tremendously in 2023.

Feeney went to the Jets and was a depth offensive lineman for them for two seasons. Starting seven total games across two years, Feeney was fine as a guard depth piece solely because of his versatility and ability to log snaps on different parts of the offensive line.

That earned him a one-year deal with the Dolphins, where he will be paired with offensive coordinator Frank Smith. Smith was the Chargers' offensive line coach in 2021 and was a huge reason for that unit's success that season.