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7 former Chargers who still need a team for the 2022 season

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Bryan Bulaga
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7. Bryan Bulaga

If you went around the NFL internet world and read cap causality signings for other teams then you would have seen Bryan Bulaga's name on just about every list. Everyone knew the Chargers were going to cut Bulaga and there are a lot of teams that need offensive line help that could benefit from bringing the veteran in.

The injuries must be really concerning to opposing front offices because Bulaga still has not been signed after being released by the LA Chargers. It seemed that by this point a team would sign him to a cheap flier but those interested teams are probably waiting to see how the 2022 NFL Draft shapes out.

Heck, I would not be surprised if Aaron Rodgers has some pull and convinced the Pakcers to bring Bulaga back, even if they bring him back in a capacity to be a backup swing tackle. While the last two years have been a disaster and he is getting up there in NFL age, I highly doubt that Bulaga's NFL career is over unless he ends it for health reasons.

The Bulaga signing is the third big signing of the 2020 offseason that simply did not pan out. Health was the biggest reason why and it is a stark reminder of the risks of paying an older offensive lineman over building up the offensive line in the draft.

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But hey, at the end of the day Bulaga was a key component in getting Corey Linsley to sign with the LA Chargers, so for that alone, the signing was worth it.