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7 former Chargers who still need a team for the 2022 season

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Chris Harris
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4. Chris Harris Jr.

There are quite a few players who were on the Chargers in 2021 that have not found a home yet in free agency. Unlike Aboushi, there is a very slim chance, if not a zero-percent chance, that any of these Chargers free agents actually return to the team for another run after the 2021 season.

One of those players is Chris Harris Jr, who did not live up to expectations when the Chargers signed him in 2020. Cornerbacks after the age of 30 can be a tricky thing and so many times in this league we have seen these cornerbacks regress out of nowhere and go from talented corners to below-average.

The signs were there with Harris, most just decided to ignore them. His last season in Denver was the worst season of his career, which would only get worse with the Chargers. Harris could not stay on the field in his first season with the Bolts and there still was some hope that he could be an important depth piece in Brandon Staley's secondary.

While Harris's overall play was better in 2021 than some (including myself) give him credit for, the mistakes and bad moments that he had do outweigh the smaller positives. When Harris was bad he was really bad and there were several key moments where he could not come through in coverage.

It is a bit surprising that someone hasn't taken a chance on Harris yet on a cheap deal because of his pedigree. I don't think his career is over but his tenure with the Chargers certainly is.