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7 former Chargers who still need a team for the 2022 season

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Trai Turner
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2. Trai Turner

The Trai Turner trade was one of those moves that everyone thought was going to pan out and it simply didn't. Personally, I was wary of building up Turner too much as he had some regressing signs, but I never thought that he would be as non-impactful as he ended up being.

Turner was mostly hurt during the 2020 season and when he did play he did not play all that well for the Chargers. It is not like the team really traded much for Turner, as they traded another aging offensive lineman in tackle Russell Okung, which made it better.

After his disappointing 2020 season it became a no-brainer to cut ties with Turner and save the salary-cap space. While he was coming off of a really bad season, he was still a recent Pro Bowler with a relatively big name that would find a home. He did so in the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Turner stayed healthy and started all 17 games for the Steelers, which alone was probably worth the small investment that the team made. His numbers were not too shabby, either, as he only allowed 20 pressures and was a decent run blocker.

He was not anything special, but he played well enough to get himself another one-year deal from a team that needs a guard. Yet for some reason (likely because of the guards in the draft), no team has pulled the trigger to sign the five-time Pro Bowler.