3 former Chargers the team can reunite with in free agency

Jason Reed
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1. Kyzir White

This might seem like a dream that will never come true but it certainly is possible. The LA Chargers let Kyzir White walk for extremely cheap last offseason and while it resulted in a Drue Tranquill breakout season, it was a shame seeing White leave for a cheap price of $3 million.

Now the Chargers are going through the same thing with Tranquill, who is going to likely get an even larger contract than White. There is no chance that the Chargers could reunite the pair but if the Bolts get priced out of bringing Tranquill back perhaps they could bring back someone who is familiar with this defense to play alongside Kenneth Murray.

After all, White should be available at a cheaper price than Tranquill this offseason. PFF projects Tranquill to get a three-year contract worth $7 million a year while they project White to get a two-year deal worth $8 million.

Signing the linebacker that should have never left in the first place for half the price of the other linebacker is not a bad recourse for potentially losing Tranquill. It would certainly fire the fanbase up and would be the one way to turn the Tranquill situation into a positive.

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If the two linebackers are worth the same then Tranquill is obviously the player that the Chargers should (and will) prioritize. But if Tranquill leaves and White is there for that price, it is worth the discussion.