3 former Chargers the team can reunite with in free agency

Jason Reed
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2. Justin Jackson

The Chargers let Justin Jackson walk in free agency last year because the team seemingly had a deeper running back room and was sick of Jackson always getting injured. While the Detroit Lions had one of the best offenses in the sport with a great rushing attack, Jackson was not a primary part of the offense.

Jackson did not play much, only getting 42 carries for 170 yards with a touchdown. He added 12 receptions for 101 yards and a touchdown. Those numbers may not be great but the Chargers still have a reason to bring Jackson back.

The Chargers' perceived depth at running back was not as promising as the team had hoped. Austin Ekeler struggled to run between the tackles, Joshua Kelley was underutilized and Isaiah Spiller was not NFL-ready. The team brought in Sony Michel to be the RB2 and it was a complete disaster.

Things may not be much different for the Bolts in 2023 with Spiller potentially not being NFL-ready in his second year. If that is the case, the Chargers are going to have to take another Michel-like flier (unless they draft another mid-round running back) and that flier could be Jackson.

While injuries are a concern, Jackson proved that when he can stay healthy he can be a viable RB2 in an NFL offense. There is nothing wrong with bringing in more competition on a cheap deal, especially if the alternative is Larry Rountree.