3 former Chargers the team can reunite with in free agency

Jason Reed
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The LA Chargers are going to have to shop in the bargain bin in free agency. The team has to clear up over $20 million in cap space just to become cap compliant and will have to free up more money in order to pay its draft class.

While the team is in a financial pickle it can still bring in external free agents. Los Angeles will just have to be calculated in who they bring in and will only be able to sign cheap options. The Bolts can free up about $36 million in cap space, which would give them around $8-10 million to spend after paying the draft class and re-signing Trey Pipkins.

That could leave some room for the Chargers to reunite with former members of the team. There certainly are some cheap options the Bolts could consider.

3 former Chargers the team can reunite with in free agency:

3. Scott Quessenberry

Scott Quessenberry left the Chargers in 2022 and joined the Houston Texans, getting a chance to start all 17 games in the process. The center played horribly for the Texans in 2022, posting one of the worst PFF blocking grades in the entire sport.

So why would the Chargers want to reunite with Quessenberry? While he struggled as a starter, he is someone who is familiar with Justin Herbert (that is important) and is going to be available at a very cheap backup price.

Backup center Will Clapp is a free agent this winter and he did not do very well in the opportunities he received in 2022. Thus, the Chargers could benefit from getting someone that has familiarity with Herbert and has starting experience (even if it was bad) in free agency.

Drafting a backup center is certainly a possibility as well but with so many other draft needs, it may be better to go with a cheap free-agent option.