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4 reasons why Derwin James' hold-in is good for the Chargers

Alexander Insdorf
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4. Less risk of major injury for Derwin James

Injuries are part of the game, but somehow they've felt more brutal around the league this year. Ryan Jensen's season might already be over in Tampa Bay while the division rival Broncos lost wideout Tim Patrick to an ACL tear. Rams' wide receiver Van Jefferson is going to miss potentially significant time in 2022 after having to undergo knee surgery.

James is no stranger to freak training camp injuries himself, whether we're talking about a screw bending backward in his foot that caused him to miss most of 2019 or the torn meniscus that destroyed his 2020 season.

Staley and the teams' sports performance division have put their primary focus on trying to reduce player injuries as much as possible and it worked last year. The Chargers were statistically one of the NFL's Top 10 healthiest teams last year in Adjusted Games Lost in 2021.

Simply put, if Staley was asked whether he'd rather have James in camp now or have him miss all of camp but be healthy by Week 1, he'd pick the latter. A Chargers defense with a healthy, well-rested James is scary to play. A Chargers defense without the former All-Pro is a shell of itself as seen in 2019 and 2020.

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The organization would love to have James out there, but they probably wouldn't mind him having a little less wear and tear on his body by the time he rejoins the team in full capacity.