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4 reasons why Derwin James' hold-in is good for the Chargers

Alexander Insdorf
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3. Derwin James is staying engaged

The new 2020 version of the CBA penalized hold-outs and as result has created more "hold-in" situations. Aside from James' current situation with the Chargers, Pro Bowl receivers DK Metcalf and Deebo Samuel also held in before they got paid recently.

The result? James is still staying engaged in team meetings and is participating in walkthroughs. Perhaps this seems small, but it's really good for team morale and the long-term goals the Chargers are trying to accomplish this year. James has been a presence at camp still, whether it's coaching up some of the new defensive backs like Raheem Layne or practicing pass rush moves with Khalil Mack and Joey Bosa:

2019's Melvin Gordon hold-out by comparison was a much worse situation for both the player and the team. Gordon was clearly rusty when he came back almost a month into the regular season. He also wasn't up to date on what the team had done in regards to the playbook and disrupted the momentum from Austin Ekeler and the other running backs.

When James does sign his contract, he'll fit seamlessly back into the defense like he had never left because of the work he's putting in now. Participating in workouts, walkthroughs, and team meetings is still critical at this stage of the offseason.